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    Bright moonlight illuminates the windy road down “the hill”
    the midway turn reveals infinite diamond shaped sparkles reflecting on the water’s surface
    a shock of cold deepens upon approaching the canyons second horseshoe turn
    the walk down the ramp reveals the power and energy of this wondrous place.

    Feet touching sand brings kinetic liveliness to the soul
    the walk north; a search for connection with the dynamic source
    swirling winds deliver aliveness to still waking senses
    the sandstone cliffs; an imagined majestic boundary.

    Shuffling out at the water’s edge; firing endorphins match the pristine conditions
    the paddle out offers lengthened stretches from far reaching fingertips and toes
    finding nature’s rhythm; as instinct and experience become fully actuated
    the rise of submarine canyon fueled and directed swells challenge all takers.

    Community mindset peaceful, but sleeping bears protect the line up
    the unspoken agreed upon message to all; Respect – Give it, to Get it
    exiting the water, refilled with a much-needed life sustaining stoke
    the walk back down the beach; allows for an enlightened reflection of belonging.

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