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    • Blacks Beach Beach Cleanup and Surfing

      Blacks Beach Beach Cleanup and Surfing

      The three organizations come together for a Beach Clean up and Surfing Lesson for Outdoor Outreach members with and emphasis on improving the places where we play. Groups will meet at the Blacks Beach Main Trailhead at the Sundt Memorial Gate, the large iron gate, located at the corner of La Jolla Farms Road and...
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      Bright moonlight illuminates the windy road down “the hill” the midway turn reveals infinite diamond shaped sparkles reflecting on the water’s surface a shock of cold deepens upon approaching the canyons second horseshoe turn the walk down the ramp reveals the power and energy of this wondrous place.
      Feet touching sand brings kinetic liveliness
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    • The Blacks Beach Sentinels

      Eerily in the pre-dawn light, where everything seems to take on an otherworldly patina, the shrill cries echo off of the massive sandstone cliffs looming over Scripps Canyon. At once haunting and majestic, this is merely the aural interplay between the Blacks Beach Peregrine falcons and their newly fledged offspring. And the sound is unmistakable...
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    • Cliff Collapse

      At first light on Sunday October 9th, 2016 an enormous cliff collapse occurred along the steep section of precipice just south of the Ho Chi Minh trail; the overhang infamously known as El Capitan.

      That morning, as I completed the last stretch of my pre-surf routine, I detected a very loud familiar rumble and crack sound
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    • 4 New Torrey Pine Trees

      The Blacks Beach Foundation, with support from UCSD and Black Sage Environmental, planted 4 young Torrey Pine Trees this weekend, working towards our goal of improving and preserving the environment of Blacks Beach.

      Did you know that Torrey Pines are critically endangered with only about...
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    • Restroom Facility

      Black’s Beach is well-known among Southern California surfers and residents, renowned for its powerful waves and secluded location beneath the soaring Torrey Pines bluffs.

      But while never short on strong breaks and spectacular scenery, there has been one thing that Black’s always lacked...
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